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The foundation of all diseases is inappropriate inflammation. Full-body cryotherapy decreases inflammation in the entire body in 3 minutes or less. 

The cryotherapy chamber reaches about -250 degrees Fahrenheit. This extreme cold helps your body to reset and as your blood moves to the core of the body, it becomes more oxygenated and nutritionally dense. 

After treatment, the benefits continue through increased blood flow to the inflamed area as blood vessels expand.

Cryotherapy Rules:

  • All clients must fill out the cryotherapy waiver before the first treatment.

  • No Metal, Plastic, or Moisture should enter the unit.

  • Must wear Rubber Shoes, Socks, Gloves (provided by clinic), Underwear, and Sports Bra (for women).

  • No Jewelry - If Jewelry cannot be removed, it must be covered by tape or bandage.

  • No casts, boots, or splints.

  • No Moisture at all on the Client's skin or apparel.

  • No foreign or unusual Chemicals or Products on the skin (ex. Hair Dresser Chemicals).

  • No open wounds.

  • Stitches, staples, and raw skin must be covered before entering the unit.

  • No cell phones in the unit.


Intro Offer: $50

1 Session: $60

4-Session Package: $200 ($50 per session)

8-Session Package: $360 ($45 per session)

One-Month Unlimited: $450 

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