Dr. Caleb Suciu

The bio that I write today is drastically different than my initial bio I had written when first starting to practice. Of course the particulars have not changed, where I went to school (Indiana, National University of Health Sciences), the post graduate work that I had done during school, my awe in treating and diagnosing moving patterns of the human body and its diseases. What has changed is my understanding on how sick American people are.

This understanding came to me in waves, as through 6 years of doctoring in Fort Wayne I saw patient after patient with some version of the same story. “I’ve seen 13 different doctors over 20 years and I don’t know what’s wrong with me". Because of my desire for fixing the cause of a problem that has molded me into a physician. I would have previously described myself as a chiropractor only. While I still am primarily a chiropractor, I would now better describe myself as a physician. My ability to diagnose, explain, and treat the body has exponentiated. I went back to school for a year long program in functional medicine. I have an expanding pediatric practice. I see anything in my office from infant to elite athlete. From chronic auto immune disease to acute sinusitis. The future of our office will start with the doctor of the future. Which is a physician, that has the tools to inform and interest patients on being truly healthy by implementing root cause resolution to any issue that walks in the door.

- He who has ears to hear, let him hear.


Dr. Molly Harmon

Raised in Winona Lake, Indiana, Dr. Harmon found a passion for people and medicine. During her undergraduate studies, at the University of Saint Francis, she worked at different hospitals as a Patient Care Tech to learn more about the different fields of medicine. It was during these hands-on patient encounters that she realized she needed to become a doctor. Dr. Harmon had a vision for helping people by putting health and care back into healthcare. Becoming a naturopathic doctor was the only field of medicine where she could learn to do just that. Dr. Harmon attended medical school at the National University of Health Sciences, in Lombard, Illinois, where she was trained in primary care and graduated with her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. She is extensively trained in botanical medicine, homeopathy, human and nutritional biochemistry, oriental medicine, spinal manipulation and pharmacology. Dr. Harmon continues to expand her knowledge by attending medical seminars on personalized nutrition, and clinical homeopathy. 


“I want to restore function, not replace it. The word “docere” in naturopathic Medicine translates to “doctor as teacher” and I want to empower my patients to take back their health by giving them the tools to do so. Our professors always told us patients don’t come to see us for their illnesses, they come to see us for what their illnesses took away from them, and you have a chance to give them back their life.” -Dr. Harmon 


Practicing naturopathic medicine allows Dr. Harmon to investigate and treat the root cause of disease, to look at the patient as a human being and treat them as a whole. She is committed to her community and excited to bring naturopathic care to Fort Wayne. Dr. Harmon resides in Fort Wayne with her husband, Jake and dog, Frank. They enjoy spending time with family and friends and enjoy being outdoors. They attend Headwaters Church in Fort Wayne, IN. 


Dr. Thomas Etue

Dr. Thomas Etue (pronounced “ee-too”) is our newest chiropractic physician at Crossroads Wellness Center. He’s come to us from the Chicago area, excited to help build and strengthen the growing community of Fort Wayne. Dr. Etue’s top priority is to help relieve pain and optimize function, but ultimately our goal at CWC is for you to have control over your health. Dr. Etue takes a modern approach to chiropractic, starting with a thorough and personalized assessment, enhanced with strong hands-on care, and concluding with the latest in physical medicine and rehabilitation techniques.


While in training, Dr. Etue relentlessly pursued extra-curricular education and learning opportunities, including teaching and leading school clubs, working and observing at local chiropractic offices, and completing, in addition to his vigorous school curriculum at National University of Health Sciences, over 400 hours of post-graduate training. His most proud accomplishments thus far have been his heavy involvement in the Motion Palpation Institute, a forward-thinking chiropractic education company and community of some of the best chiropractors in the world, as well completing the sought after internship at Winchester Spine and Sport, an exceptional integrated chiropractic clinic in Troy, MO. He also interned at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Chicago, IL, helping manage some of the complex health needs of the underserved and homeless population of the area. Dr. Etue takes this, “time in the trenches”, to bring Fort Wayne a well-rounded and exciting combination of chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition, and sports performance.


Outside of the office Dr. Etue lives to travel with his fiancé, explore the outdoors with his Australian Shepherd, stay fit at various gyms around the city, and enjoy good food and wine with friends and family. Dr. Etue is thrilled to join the hard-working and passionate team at Crossroads Wellness Center, as well as the welcoming and impressive community of Fort Wayne. If you would like to know more about Dr. Etue’s background, you’ll find his updated resume below, and if you have any questions regarding your health, performance, or interest in the clinic, please feel free to email Dr. Etue directly at dr.etue.cwc@gmail.com, or call the office at 260-445-8389.