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Spencer Brauchla, DC

Dr. Spencer Brauchla, D.C.

Cert. MDT

Chiropractic Doctor 







7am - 6pm

8am - 5pm

7am - 5pm

7am - 1pm


  • McKenzie Protocol

  • McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy 

  • Biomechanics 

  • Functional Medicine

  • Population Health 

  • Change Thinking 



  • Emergency Medical Technician, Pelham Specialty Training 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Indiana University  

  • Minor in Psychology 

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, National University of Health Sciences 

  • Certificate in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy  

  • Graduate Certificate in Medical Management, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University (2024) 


While in graduate school I took over 230 hours of additional coursework to better serve my patients. These studies outside of the standard curriculum combined principles from multiple disciplines ranging from physical therapy, manual therapy, and sports performance.

Prior to my time in Chicago, I attended Indiana University and earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry. It was in the hills of Bloomington where I was introduced to cycling while training for the Little 500 bike race. This time also overlapped with my introduction to chiropractic care as a means of improved athletic performance rather than pain relief.

Through my experience as a chiropractor, I have found that Pain is complicated, Pain takes many forms, and what starts as a physical sensation may manifest into an emotional experience. I want to be there to walk through the Pain with my patients and help them through the emotions they are feeling while building a treatment plan specifically for that patient.

Personal pain can put a strain on the home and the community around us. Without adequate attention, that pain can damage our relationships. By decreasing the pain in my community today, I am creating a better home for my family tomorrow.

My Values:

  • Community:  any group with a shared set of values and beliefs. 

  • Relationships: life’s most valuable resource. 

  • Home: the location of our most meaningful relationships 

These interconnected values give me purpose. I hope that by sharing my values, readers may better understand why I am so passionate about my role in the healthcare industry.


“Dr. Brauchla does such a phenomenal job! A very down-to-earth and knowledgeable man who clearly has a passion for his career. I'd recommend anyone to check him out when able to. He's extremely thorough and treats it like he wants you to get better and not just shell out endless money.” 


“Had a great experience with Dr. Brauchla. Helped fix a sudden-onset neck injury just as quickly as it came on. Was patient, instructive, and informative with exercises and stretches I should do without the pressure of repeated visitations. Also was very reassuring that this worrying injury impacting my entire day was very fixable and even somewhat common. Will absolutely visit again.” 


“Spencer is a very great and helpful Chiropractic Physician. If you are looking to get detail, more individual, helpful, including some exercises service. Definitely, you have to see Spencer. He puts his heart and cares to help you feel better and lead you right direction to take care of your body.” 


“I cannot say enough about the experience and professionalism that Dr. Brauchla provides to his patients. I have had multiple serious injuries over the course of the last few years that have left me with mobility and comfort issues. Dr. Brauchla gathered pertinent information about me and the experiences I was having in order to pinpoint the exact methods by which I could achieve better mobility. Over the course of our session, we were able to identify some meaningful improvements and set a plan moving forward. I highly recommend Dr. Brauchla to anyone looking to achieve better comfort, pain relief, and mobility through the application of measured scientific approaches.” 


“Spencer is absolutely amazing. I started seeing him about a month ago now and my problem areas in my lower back and neck/shoulders have improved massively. Not only great adjustments, but he also gives you easy, practical stretches/movements to do at home that help your body readjust. Highly recommended!” 

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